Duration: 10 hours
Location: Bali
Price: $50
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Ubud Eco Walking - Come and join us to explore the natural beauty of Bali on a hike through rice paddies presented by enormous heartland of Bali named Ubud Eco Walking. .

Itinerary Time
Pick up time at Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur. 06.30
Pick up time at Ubud. 08.30
Ubud Eco Walk (1 hour rice field walk). 23.00
Start Tegalalang Rice Terrace Walk. 10.00
Bali Pulina to explore organic spices plantation and taste the most unique coffee worldwide called Luwak Coffee overlooking scenic valley with rice field on it. 11.30
Lunch at Local Restaurant overlooking Tegalalang Rice Field. 12.30
Explore Gunung Kawi with its beautiful surroundings (Waterfall, River, Rice Field Ancient Temple). 14.00
Heading back to your hotel trough countryside of Bali. 15.00

Ubud distinguishable difference between the atmosphere of the town and the resort feel of the southern parts of the island. Cultural Heart Of Bali, Beat and Rhythm Flows Though Wind Bring Happiness To Everyone.

Ubud Eco Walk

  • Tjampuhan Ridge Walk.

  • Tegalalang Rice Terrace.

  • Bali Pulina Tropical Plantation.

  • Gunung Kawi 13th Century Royal Temple Monument.

Ubud Eco Walking: Begin hike will be exploring the Campuhan Ridge. Campuhan is a sacred area and means ‘where two rivers meet’. The two rivers are Sungai Wos and Sungai Agung. This river valley has created a fabulous area to walk around and do some exploring on the narrow paths. After an hour hiking in Campuhan Ridge Ubud eco walking trip will be continued to explore the scenic Tegalalang Rice field. It is located 20 minutes driving from Campuhan Ridge. Then the driver will drive you through the beautiful countryside of Ubud. Tegalalang Rice Field is the most visited rice field in Bali. It is designed very beautifully with exquisite hollowing rice field and precisely located on the hill bank of Ceking Village. See the local farmer planting their rice in slanting area complete with its traditional irrigation system called Subak that acknowledge as World Heritage by UNESCO. Enjoy the beauty and greenery of rice and its valley with tropical coconut trees on it.

Bali Pulina located just 5 minutes driving from Tegalalang Rice Field will be the next stop of the trip. Bali Pulina, concealed organic plantation where we can learn how famous Balinese Coffee is made. It is the best place for trying the different kind of coffee, tea, pure cocoa and organic tropical spices with very attractive rice field and valley setting. Bali Pulina also has the most unique and rarest coffee in world called Luwak Coffee.

It is rare type of coffee is partially fermented by passing through the digestive process system of a civet cat. The cats eat only the best quality berries and the stones are collected after it passes through their digestive system. Expert says that drinking Kopi Luwak is good for fertility.

The hike will be completed by hiking in Gunung Kawi, the 11th-century temple complex lies among rice paddies and thick jungle in Tampak siring north east of Ubud. To get there you need to conquer some 270 steps, but it’s a special place well worth the effort. The huge shrines are carved into the cliffs at both sides of Pakerisan River connected by a stone bridge. It is also awarded as a World Heritages by UNESCO 2012 located along Pekerisan River.

50 US$ /Person

Minimum 2 persons


  • We provide: Free pick up with comfortable vehicle in area Ubud, Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, and Nusa Dua, Experience Ubud Hiking Guide, Mineral Water, Parking Fee, Luwak coffee, Organic Lemon Tea, Organic Pure Cocoa, Bali Coffee, and lunch.
  • You bring: Warm clothing, rain gear, and suitable shoes.
  • Duration: 2 hours hiking.
  • Minimum Age: 8 years
  • Exclude: Meals and other personal expenses.